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Prayer is the lifeblood of ministry but is often overlooked. Global Initiative facilitates a ministry devoted to weekly intercession by Christians on behalf of Muslims called Jumaa Prayer. Learn More »

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Learn how you can join with us as we reach Muslims everywhere through Jumaa Prayer Fellowship, Say Hello: Serving Muslim Women, Student Mobilization, and Jonah Initiative. Get Involved »

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A Lighthouse in Central Asia

Adilet had a comfortable life with his wife and three children. Suddenly, he lost his job and, in the depths of despair, turned to alcohol. His drinking became so severe that his wife and children walked away. A member of the Good News Church began visiting Adilet to share Jesus with him. Adilet angrily threw him out every time yelling, “I am a Muslim and I won’t...

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When You “Say Hello”…

Molly admitted that she was skeptical. How could just saying “hello” to a Muslim woman open the door for ministry to her? “I found out,” she said. Recently, as Molly was leaving the jail where she volunteers as a chaplain, she saw two African Muslim women and a little girl standing at a cash machine…

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